Friday, November 22, 2013

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Monday Nov. 4th - Wednesday, November 6th

DON’T Forget!  NO SCHOOL on Thursday November 7th and Friday November 8th!

This week in Language Arts, we worked on words with short a (like "apple" and "ambulance") and with short a in the middle (like "cat" and "map").  We also reviewed letters "S" and "D".  Our two new sight words are "have" and "is".  The 3 Take Home Books are "I Have!", "The Little Mat", and "Tam in the Garden".  We are still working on nouns (People, places, things, animals), and learned about adding -s or -es to the end of a noun to mean more than one (ex. dog, dogs).  Our stories this week were about plants and flowers.  We identified the parts of a plant (flower, stem, leaf, seed, fruit, bud).


In Math, we are sorting and grouping objects by how they are the same (size, shape, color, etc.)  We are working on memorizing our additon facts for +0, +1 and +2.


In Science, we read about trees in different seasons.

Our schedule next week is

Monday – Day A - Gym

Tuesday – Day B - Art

Wednesday – Day C – Art

Thursday – No School

Friday –No School

More Photos from Duffield's!