Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Great Kindness Challenge 2014

Tuesday, January28th, 2014

Hello Families!

Don't forget No School Monday, February 3.  No school on Monday, February 20.

Swimming begins next Thursday, Feb. 6, and continues every Thursday for the next eight weeks. We will be sending home more detailed information later this week.

This week in Language Arts we've been working on letters D and K. We've added the site words “look”, “see”, and “white” to our list. We read stories about Martin Luther King Jr. and George Washington. We continue to work on words with short a and short i, rhyming, and verbs.

In Math we worked on two and three dimensional shapes, counting to 50, and continued to work on our addition facts.

Don't forget to bring your book folders back on Friday! Your child will be able to choose a new book on Tuesday.

This week Bacon School celebrated Kindness Week. Students also have a chance to visit the Bear Bucks store on Friday. They can spend the Bear Bucks they have earned for good behavior.

Enjoy your week!
Stay Warm!
Miss Anton and Mrs. Banker

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Monday, January 13, 2014

Hello Families!

Don't Forget No School Next Monday, January 20th, 2014!

It was pointed out to us that the Scholastic book order went home with a due date of Jan. 20th when we are off.  Please change the due date to Tuesday, Jan. 21st.

Please turn in your swimming permission slips as soon as possible.

We have had an interesting week in our room.  Due to leaking pipes in other parts of the building, we had to cover almost everything in the room with plastic as a precaution.  Mrs. Banker and I are happy to say the boys and girls handled the change very well and we look forward to getting back to normal this week!

This week in Language Arts, we worked on letters N and B.  We added the sight words "me", "she" and "with" to our list.  The Take Home Books this week were "Nat and Nan" and "Nat!" We learned that verbs are action words, they tell what the person or animal is doing.  Our story this week was "Little Panda" which told about a baby panda at the San Diego Zoo.
We enjoyed seeing the San Diego Zoo's Live Panda Cam
The page also has links to live cams for other animals at the zoo.

In Math we have been comparing objects by length and height, counting to 50 by ones and tens, and continue working on our addition facts.  Don't forget to practice your flash cards at home!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Hello Families!

Just a reminder – our swimming lessons at the Holly City Family Center start next month!  More information and permission slips will be coming home soon.  Please make sure your child has a bathing suit that fits them and a towel.

Our schedule for this week

Monday – Day D – Library and Gym

Tuesday – Day E – Music

Wednesday – Day A – Gym

Thursday – Day B – Art

Friday – Day C – Art

Also, No School on Monday, January 20th in honor of Martin Luther King Day.

Enjoy your week!

Miss Anton and Mrs. Banker

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Thursday and Friday, January 2nd and 3rd

Welcome Back Everyone!

This week, we get back into our usual routine after all the excitement of the holidays!

We will be reading the Jan Brett stories "The Mitten" and "The Hat" and comparing and contrasting the story elements.  In math, we will begin our unit on measurement.

Thursday Day B - Art
Friday Day C - Art